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Belgian Gardens State School in partnership with Austnews provides our interactive, graphically rich, full colour electronic newsletter, delivered directly to your inbox.

For those parent and community members who already receive our electronic newsletter no action is required.

Click on the link (right hand side of the screen) to subscribe to our electronic newsletter.


Bg news issue 18 8-11-18.aspxBg news issue 18 8-11-18Bg news issue 18 8-11-188/11/20182 KB
Bg news issue 17 25-10-18.aspxBg news issue 17 25-10-18Bg news issue 17 25-10-1829/10/20182 KB
Bg news issue 16 11-10-18.aspxBg news issue 16 11-10-18Bg news issue 16 11-10-1811/10/20182 KB
Bg news issue 14 30-8-18.aspxBg news issue 14 30-8-18Bg news issue 14 30-8-1817/09/20182 KB
Bg news issue 15 13-9-18.aspxBg news issue 15 13-9-18Bg news issue 15 13-9-1817/09/20182 KB
Bg news 13 16-8-18.aspxBg news 13 16-8-18Bg news 13 16-8-1820/08/20182 KB
Bg news issue12 2-8-18.aspxBg news issue12 2-8-18Bg news issue12 2-8-182/08/20182 KB
Bg news issue 11 19-7-18.aspxBg news issue 11 19-7-18Bg news issue 11 19-7-1819/07/20182 KB
Bg news issue 10 21-6-18.aspxBg news issue 10 21-6-18Bg news issue 10 21-6-1825/06/20182 KB
Bg news issue 9 7-6-18.aspxBg news issue 9 7-6-18Bg news issue 9 7-6-187/06/20182 KB
Bg news issue 8 24-5-18.aspxBg news issue 8 24-5-18Bg news issue 8 24-5-1824/05/20182 KB
Bg news issue 7 11 May 2018.aspxBg news issue 7 11 May 2018Bg news issue 7 11 May 201814/05/20182 KB
Bg news issue 6 30-4-18.aspxBg news issue 6 30-4-18Bg news issue 6 30-4-1830/04/20182 KB
Bg news issue 5 29-3-18.aspxBg news issue 5 29-3-18Bg news issue 5 29-3-1829/03/20182 KB
Bg news issue 4 15-3-18.aspxBg news issue 4 15-3-18Bg news issue 4 15-3-1815/03/20182 KB
Bg news issue 3 1-3-2018.aspxBg news issue 3 1-3-2018Bg news issue 3 1-3-20181/03/20182 KB
Bg news issue 2 15-2-18.aspxBg news issue 2 15-2-18Bg news issue 2 15-2-1815/02/20182 KB
Bg news issue 1 2-2-2018.aspxBg news issue 1 2-2-2018Bg news issue 1 2-2-20182/02/20182 KB
Bg news issue 19 23-11-17.aspxBg news issue 19 23-11-17Bg news issue 19 23-11-1723/11/20172 KB
Bg news issue 18 9-11-17.aspxBg news issue 18 9-11-17Bg news issue 18 9-11-179/11/20172 KB
Bg news issue 17 26-10-17.aspxBg news issue 17 26-10-17Bg news issue 17 26-10-1726/10/20172 KB
Bg news issue 16 12-10-17.aspxBg news issue 16 12-10-17Bg news issue 16 12-10-1713/10/20172 KB
Bg news issue 15 14-9-17.aspxBg news issue 15 14-9-17Bg news issue 15 14-9-1713/10/20172 KB
Bg news issue 14 31-10-17.aspxBg news issue 14 31-10-17Bg news issue 14 31-10-1731/08/20172 KB
Bg news issue 13 17-8-17.aspxBg news issue 13 17-8-17Bg news issue 13 17-8-1718/08/20172 KB
Bg news issue 12 3-8-17.aspxBg news issue 12 3-8-17Bg news issue 12 3-8-173/08/20172 KB
Bg news issue 11 20-7-17.aspxBg news issue 11 20-7-17Bg news issue 11 20-7-1721/07/20172 KB
Bg news issue 9 9-6-17.aspxBg news issue 9 9-6-17Bg news issue 9 9-6-179/06/20172 KB
Bg news issue 8 25-5-17.aspxBg news issue 8 25-5-17Bg news issue 8 25-5-1725/05/20172 KB
Bg news issue 7 11-5-17.aspxBg news issue 7 11-5-17Bg news issue 7 11-5-1711/05/20172 KB
Issue 6 bg news 28-4-2017.aspxIssue 6 bg news 28-4-2017Issue 6 bg news 28-4-201728/04/20172 KB
Issue 5 bg news 31-3-17.aspxIssue 5 bg news 31-3-17Issue 5 bg news 31-3-1731/03/20172 KB
Issue 4 bg news 16-3-17.aspxIssue 4 bg news 16-3-17Issue 4 bg news 16-3-1717/03/20172 KB
Issue 3 bg news 2-3-17.aspxIssue 3 bg news 2-3-17Issue 3 bg news 2-3-172/03/20172 KB
Issue 2 bg news 17-2-17.aspxIssue 2 bg news 17-2-17Issue 2 bg news 17-2-1717/02/20172 KB
Issue 1 bg news 2-2-17.aspxIssue 1 bg news 2-2-17Issue 1 bg news 2-2-172/02/20172 KB
Bg news issue eighteen 24-11-16.aspxBg news issue eighteen 24-11-16Bg news issue eighteen 24-11-1624/11/20162 KB
Bg news Thursday 10 November 2016.aspxBg news Thursday 10 November 2016Bg news Thursday 10 November 201615/11/20162 KB
BG news issue sixteen 27-10-16.aspxBg news issue sixteen 27-10-16BG news issue sixteen 27-10-1628/10/20162 KB
Bg news issue eighteen 13-10-16.aspxBg news issue eighteen 13-10-16Bg news issue eighteen 13-10-1613/10/20162 KB
Bg news issue fourtenn 15-9-16.aspxBg news issue fourteen 15-9-16Bg news issue fourtenn 15-9-1615/09/20162 KB
Bg news issue thirteen 1-9-16.aspxBg news issue thirteen 1-9-16Bg news issue thirteen 1-9-161/09/20162 KB
Bg news issue twelve 18-8-16.aspxBg news issue twelve 18-8-16Bg news issue twelve 18-8-1619/08/20162 KB
Bg news issue eleven 4-8-16.aspxBg news issue eleven 4-8-16Bg news issue eleven 4-8-165/08/20162 KB
Bg news issue ten 21-7-16.aspxBg news issue ten 21-7-16Bg news issue ten 21-7-1621/07/20162 KB
Bg news issue nine 9-6-16.aspxBg news issue nine 9-6-16Bg news issue nine 9-6-1610/06/20162 KB
Bg news issue eight 26-5-16.aspxBg news issue eight 26-5-16Bg news issue eight 26-5-1626/05/20162 KB
Bg news issue seven 12-5-16.aspxBg news issue seven 12-5-16Bg news issue seven 12-5-1613/05/20162 KB
Bg news issue six 28-4-16.aspxBg news issue six 28-4-16Bg news issue six 28-4-169/05/20162 KB
Bg news issue five 14-4-16.aspxBg news issue five 14-4-16Bg news issue five 14-4-1618/04/20162 KB
p-and-c-news-20-3-16.pdfP and c news 30-3-16p-and-c-news-20-3-1622/03/2016225 KB
Bg news issue four 17-3-16.aspxBg news issue four 17-3-16Bg news issue four 17-3-1618/03/20162 KB
Bg news issue three 3-3-16.aspxBG news issue three 3-3-16Bg news issue three 3-3-163/03/20162 KB
Bg news issue two 18-2-16.aspxBg news issue two 18-2-16Bg news issue two 18-2-1618/02/20162 KB
Bg newes issue one 4-2-16.aspxBg news issue one 4-2-16Bg newes issue one 4-2-164/02/20162 KB
Bg news issue twenty 10-12-15.aspxBg news issue twenty 10-12-15Bg news issue twenty 10-12-1511/12/20152 KB
Bg news issue nineteen 26-11-15.aspxBg news issue nineteen 26-11-15Bg news issue nineteen 26-11-1526/11/20152 KB
p-and-c-news-23-11-15.pdfP and c news 23-11-15p-and-c-news-23-11-1524/11/201577 KB
Bg news issue eighteen 12-11-15.aspxBg news issue eighteen 12-11-15Bg news issue eighteen 12-11-1512/11/20152 KB
Bg news issue seventeen 29-10-15.aspxBg news issue seventeen 29-10-15Bg news issue seventeen 29-10-1529/10/20152 KB
Bg news issue sixteen 15-10-15.aspxBg news issue sixteen 15-10-15Bg news issue sixteen 15-10-1515/10/20152 KB
p-and-c-news-11-9-15.pdfP and c news 11-9-15p-and-c-news-11-9-156/10/2015234 KB
Bg news issue fifteen 17-9-15.aspxBg news issue fifteen 17-9-15Bg news issue fifteen 17-9-1518/09/20152 KB
Bg news issue fourteen 3-9-15.aspxBg news issue fourteen 3-9-15Bg news issue fourteen 3-9-154/09/20152 KB
p-and-c-news-28-8-15.pdfP and c news 28-8-15p-and-c-news-28-8-1528/08/2015182 KB
Bg news issue 13 20-8-15.aspxBg news issue 13 20-8-15Bg news issue 13 20-8-1520/08/20152 KB
p-and-c-news-18-8-15.pdfP and c news 18-8-15p-and-c-news-18-8-1519/08/2015268 KB
bg news issue 12 6-8-15.aspxIssue 12 bg news 6-8-15bg news issue 12 6-8-157/08/20152 KB
p-and-c-newsletter-31-7-15.pdfP and c news 31-7-15p-and-c-newsletter-31-7-1531/07/2015198 KB
Bg news issue 11 23-7-15.aspxBg news issue 11 23-7-15Bg news issue 11 23-7-1523/07/20152 KB
bg-news-issue-10-24-6-15.aspxBg news issue 10 25-6-15bg-news-issue-10-24-6-1525/06/20152 KB
p-and-c-news-19-5-15.pdfp and c newsletter 19-6-15p-and-c-news-19-5-1519/06/2015176 KB
p-and-c-news-5-6-15.pdfP and c news 5-6-15p-and-c-news-5-6-155/06/2015145 KB
bg-news-issue-8-28-5-15.pdfIssue 8 28-5-15bg-news-issue-8-28-5-151/06/201532 KB
P-and-c-news-22-5-15.pdfP and c news 22-5-15P-and-c-news-22-5-1525/05/2015172 KB
issue-7-14-5-15.pdfIssue 7 bg news 14-5-15issue-7-14-5-1515/05/201533 KB
p-and-c-news-13-5-15.pdfP and c news 13-5-15p-and-c-news-13-5-1513/05/2015235 KB
bg-news-issue-six-30-4-15.pdfIssue 6 30-4-15bg-news-issue-six-30-4-155/05/201532 KB
issue-5-2015-bg-news.pdfIssue 5 2-4-15issue-5-2015-bg-news2/04/201533 KB
p-and-c-news-27-3-15.pdfP and c news 27-3-15p-and-c-news-27-3-1527/03/20151859 KB
bg-news-issue-four-19-3-15.pdfIssue 4 19-3-15bg-news-issue-four-19-3-1524/03/201533 KB
p-and-c-news-13-3-15.pdfP and c news 13-3-15p-and-c-news-13-3-1518/03/201576 KB
issue-3-2015-bg-news.pdfIssue 3 2015 bg newsissue-3-2015-bg-news9/03/201533 KB
p-and-c-news-26-2-15.pdfP and c news 26-2-15p-and-c-news-26-2-1527/02/2015273 KB
Issue-2-2015-bg-news.pdfIsse 2 2015 bg newsIssue-2-2015-bg-news23/02/201533 KB
p-and-c-news-13-2-15.pdfP and c news 13-2-15p-and-c-news-13-2-1513/02/201581 KB
Issue-1-2015-bg-news.pdfIssue-1-2015-bg-newsIssue-1-2015-bg-news9/02/201533 KB